Get Off My Lawn Fest 2 was a healthy mix of everything that makes Stockton's scene so eclectic and ever-entertaining; a bill that featured rap, indie, metal, and math rock, showing there was no disappointment from bell to bell.. that came later with the hangovers.

Unfortunately, other obligations did not allow for a full and in-depth review of the show (AKA work and responsibility, boo), but here are some pictures of some of the bands and some little blurbs about the emotions they spilled out onto us!

(sorry to the bands that we couldn't get pictures of/didn't see! You can send us pictures of the bands and we'll do our best to update this! Check out Choppy Boiz, Goodface, Lobo!)

Malaska put on another killer show, mixing their signature blend of angst, technical drumming, and a crystal clear bass guitar.. and don't let anyone tell you that someone screams more frantically and powerfully than Seth Jacks during "Ghost Machine".

Vocalist Danny Parra (Knee Deep) knows how to summon a cyclone of hardcore dancing, just by berating the crowd, though we know he means it all with love. Any vocalist who is willing to throw down with the crowd in 100+ degree weather is genuine, no matter what.

A first time for everything! Knocked Down's first show was the combination of skate punk and pop punk that Stockton could use, because who doesn't love some good ol' fashioned skate punk? If Pennywise and Blink-182 had a baby, it'd be named Knocked Down, and that is a very good thing.

Pine + Palm (AKA Dine + Dash) lit the lawn alight with some classic tunes, with guitarist Tanner Heard laying out for some sweet leads. The Pine + Pit is always alive, courtesy of some truly dedicated fans.

Photo Credit: @sierrakyokophoto

Math rock. Math rock in Stockton! A genre that most can't understand is tied together and broadcast colorfully by Yugen, making complex rhythms and patterns a treat for all.. you could say that they more than exceeded this with their first show!

A testament to the great scene of Stockton, CA, not even the firestorm of heat (and an accidentally set-ablaze fire pit) could stop the 209 scene from slamming their way to a good time. Let's hope that Get Off My Lawn keeps coming around!

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