Another night at the Koffey Haus.. that could be the title of any Stockton music fan's memoir, and rightfully so; the shows are damn near life changing, with every one being a pounding throb in the midst of a truly sweaty and sweltering evening. This was no different last night, as sets from Matt Ratt (who I missed, because I'm lame. Check out his stuff here!), Yugen, Recreation (from Santa Barbara!), and Pine + Palm proved to add fuel to the consistent flame of Stockton music exhibitions.

The night started off with Matt Moua, AKA Matt Ratt, whose set I unfortunately missed. One of the best songwriters in the area, his juxtaposition of bright chords and self-reflective lyrics combine for a bouncy and anything-but-boring aesthetic. Make sure to check out his music/art!

Next on the bill was Yugen, Stockton's very own progressive rock/math rock group. A band which can appeal to casual music fans as well as deeply resonate with the more musically inclined, Yugen's methodically melodic and complex sound sent the crowd into a dazzling state of perplexed satisfaction; whether that be from the dual-guitar bombardment from guitarists Ricky Perez and Tim Dara, or the always underrated bass and drum backbone, songs like "Grey" won the crowd with both their technical prowess, as well with their impossible-to-resist-head-bobbing-in-3/4 ability.

All the way from Santa Barbara, Recreation was more than welcomed by the Stockton scene, and one thing is definitely for sure: those guys can play their asses off. Vocal harmonies and jangly sounds ricocheted off the walls, as people grooved and viewed the hard work of a touring band paying off.. it couldn't have gone better, and trust me, those dudes are very kind people. You're always welcome in Stockton!

Lastly, the mighty Dine + Da... I mean Pine + Palm, took to the stage; anyone who had never seen them before noticed a blatant truth: Tanner, Seth, and Cheyenne know how to have a good time. From the boogie pit during "Affection", to the "Fat Bottom Girls" cover which rocked the Koffey Haus down to its leaky pipes, it was a raucous occasion designed by true architects of Stockton rock n roll, and their flame, or should I say "disco fuego", has never wavered. From the opening track to the last, everyone knew the words, everyone danced, and everyone left with smiles on their faces, bruises on their shins, and with a lot of sweat pouring.

Another night, another rad show.. make sure to check out the show next week (7/10) with Pity Party, Cheap Shoes, and Sarchasm!

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