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Intense, fast, loud, slow, quiet.. these words all seem to contradict each other in some way, but it doesn't stop them from describing Stockton slammers Knee Deep, who we recently caught up with for an interview! Check out what these bad-in-the-good-way dudes have to say about the band's history, the Stockton scene, and the bands they love to love!

How'd the band get started and what were the early years of Knee Deep like?

Danny: Sam, who's the only original member, started it in 2012 with a couple of friends in high school. Since then, there have been many transformations and adaptations that have took place that gave us what Knee Deep is today — a Frankenstein of strange people different backgrounds and really fun music. 

Tell us about yourselves and what you think the band stands for. Are there any statements you try to get across?

Sam: Not necessarily. Any statements or views have been said before by dozens of bands before us.. if anything we stand for absolute freedom of expression and art.

Danny: Yeah, I agree with Sam. Knee Deep is about being yourself in everything you do.

What are the current/immediate plans for the band's future? Shows, more music?

Sam: We are planning to enter the studio by summer to record a full length and to hopefully go out and tour to SoCal and up north, pretty much anywhere they'll let us play *laughs* in support of its release. As of right now, our next and only show will be June 17th @ "Get Off My Lawn 2", right here in our hometown of Stockton, with many other great bands and artists. After that we plan on putting our full and undivided focus on the album.. Being on the radio would be cool too actually.. We have a lot of shit to do basically. 

How does being in a band and being able to create music affect your day to day lives?

Sam: I'm at Gabe's house (drummer) everyday *laughs*. I love it, a lot of my days and efforts revolve around creating art with my best friends. It's definitely a positive impact on me.

Danny: Pretty much the same! Being in a band gave me a certain feeling I can't replicate like eating good food for the first time; it's just good to be able to express myself so freely in the comfort of my best friends. I owe a lot to to them for putting up with me time to time, but in the end it's all worth it when we're just sitting back giving each other that look after a kick ass show. Wouldn't trade it for the world. 

What's your dream festival lineup that you guys would be on?

Sam: Converge.. honestly there's so many bands I would play with, like Slayer and Lamb of God.

Danny: Converge, Nirvana, Tool, and Foo Fighters; at that point I'd be dead before we even set foot on stage!

Gabe: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Avenged Sevenfold, and Pink Floyd.

Where do you see the future of the band and heavy music as it pertains to the Stockton scene and in general?

Sam: Tour, tour, tour.. as much as possible, and to spread our sound to as many ear holes as possible!

As far as the Stockton scene goes, it's flourishing, and we are honored to be a part of something very intimate and special that we contribute to every show we play or don't play. We try our best to be the very best for this city, and most importantly, our fucking selves. At the end of the day we will alway be ourselves. Having fun and looking ahead to the bright future every day.

Check out Knee Deep's Facebook and Instagram!

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